About me

I'm JonahF2014, I do stuff on the internet.
Nowadays mostly politics and researching / learning random shit.
I'm not really anyone of note, so there isn't much point in looking into
the mostly meaningless stuff I did, so idk why you are doing so.
I run the discord server and website leepicsevrer, which are mostly dedicated to politics
and sharing interesting stuff. I also have some political ideas, which you can checkout
under 'Ideology' if you're interested. That's pretty much it.
I used to make videos on YouTube, though I never gained any success
and most of them are no longer available; I now only have a channel for random
memes and reuploads. I also ran a few discord and minecraft servers here and there,
but am currently trying to retreat from the internet more and more (with little success!).


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Feel free to add me on Discord: JonahF2014#1089

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About me

Imma give you a small profile / collection of facts about me here.
If you wanna learn more, get in contact with me :)

Name: Jonah
Age/Birthday: 19 / 5 June 2004
Gender/Pronouns: Male / He/Him
Location: Hamburg, Germany

About me

Ok so to keep it short: I'm a Nationalist.
Also: Democratic Socialist, Separatist, Ruralist, & Progressive-Reactionary

My Political Compass results

Check out this page here if you're interested in learning about my Ideology in greater detail.